Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct. Meeting

 Dolores' entry-As a child her neighborhood would burn its own trash, as a child she witnessed some mannequins being burned and she thought they were real people!
 Terry feared "Mrs. Green!"  The wind would blow a wall calendar and she thought it was Mrs. Green.
 Terry would like to live in Colorado.
 Gail feared her mother telling her "Wait till your father gets home!"
 Gail would want to live by the ocean.
I love New York!

We had our meeting last night at Stephanie's house and we had a great time.   The sketchbook entries were " A favorite place" and "Something that scared me as a child". 
Thanks to Stephanie for being such a great hostess, those that attended were:Katie, Claudia, Dolores, Milly, Canide, Gail, Ana,Terry and me! 
Next month's sketchbook will be revealed soon.