Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, glad to see you made it! I'd like to begin by thanking Beverly for hosting our meeting last night. It is always a treat to go to Beverly's home. I'm sure you all know what a fan I am of her beautiful home.
Thanks to all that went to our meeting and we missed those of you that did not attend. Terry brought some examples of a project that she did with her students that turned out amazing. I also brought some examples of a project that I did with my students which you can view in my painted apple blog. I also brought a few tips from the TAEA Conference.
As you know, we had our first UVAs Sketchbook Entries. The results were great, what I especially liked were the background stories that came with the entries, there were a few teary eyes and I feel I got to know everyone a little better. Thank you for sharing.

Before I get to the pictures here are next month's entries.
1. I had told the ladies at the meeting to choose between the words beginning or ending for the entry, but after much thought I think both words should be included in your entry. Keep in mind that an ending is not necessarily a bad thing. This entry is in honor of the New Year.

2. The second entry is a little difficult to explain. It is something we did at the meeting. I passed around a paper bag with strips of sentences cut out of art magazines. We each picked eight strips and had to create a poem based on the lines we picked. This is called a Found Poem.
We will then create an entry and title for our found poem. I suppose if you were not present you can do a variation of this.

We will be having a special meeting right after the holidays but before we return to work. We will be creating a small sub-group that will be in charge of looking for exhibition opportunities. It is time to get the show on the road!
OK, here are the sketchbook entries:
Terry's Flight entry, just beautiful!

Her "Intro" entry based on what was written about her.

Beverly's entry for flight. This entry was inspired by her late sister.

Candi's entry is based on the plight of the albatross birds that are being killed in the ocean by fishermen's nets.Her other entry is based on one of the comments (I love your dresses) that was written in her book.
Cindy's entry is based on flying to close to the sun and running the risk of burning our feather's when we venture to close. I like this sentiment and understand it completely.
Katie's entry symbolizes someone that has already taken flight and we are left behind looking out.
Elisa's entry had a beautiful poem and beautiful visual imagery.Ana's entry represents the places she will soon be taking flight to. She also turned the words written in her book into a great graphic entry.
My entry is based on the fact that I am always surrounded by butterflies. I used acrylic for this entry. My other entry shows my interests plus all the great stuff that was written about me.

Thanks again for everything ladies!