Friday, January 14, 2011

At Jackson's during our Jan. meeting holding up our color samples.

Beginning and Endings/Jan.

Thank you to everyone that made it to our meeting, I always look forward to seeing everyone, you always re-energize me and help me to undwind. We missed those of you that were unable to attend.
Next months entries are as follows:
1.The heart as the inspiration.

2.We chose color samples from the hardware store. Once we selected our colors we traded. If you were not at the meeting ask someone around you to randomly select a color. Create an entry inspired by that color.

Here are the entries for our Jan. Sketchbook Entries. One of the entries was based on "Beginning and Endings" in honor of the New Year. The other entry was a "Found Poem". We took random sentences cut from a magazine and arranged them to create a poem. The poems sounded great and I enjoyed hearing the interpretations of each person, the illustrations added to the poems.

Ana's entries

Terry's entries

Barbara's entry-Beginning and Endings

Gail's entry

Milly's entry

Candie's entry, Found Poem and also inspired by E Munch

My entries