Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hearts/Color Swatches

I had a wondeful time at Virginia's house on Sat., I hope you did too. We had a great meeting with many decisions made. I will be contacting everyone through email with the info
Since Virginia hosted the meeting she was designated to assign the next swap.
She would like for us to create a piece inspired by a favorite childhood memory. She put a twist to the swap by not making it a swap after all. You will get to keep the piece you create. There are no guidelines to what you create.
Here are the pictures to this month's sketchbook entries. One was inspired by the heart, the other by the color swatches we picked last month.
Claudia created this beautiful drawing of her daughter inspired by the color green.

Gail's entry was inspired by the name of one of her color swatches "fire cracker"
Cindy's heart

Dolores created this still life in blue.

Ana's colors became the colors of her sun set. Elisa's violet lady was inspired while she was doing some deep thinking.My popscicles were inspired by my purple swatch.