Monday, December 19, 2011

 These are the great charms that we created for our exchange.  From top left- Candie, Elisa, Stephanie, Me, Milly, Gail, Wendy. Terry, Claudia, Dolores, Ana and Katie.  Love 'em.

The sketchbook entries were about dirty dishes and a personal mandala.  The top two are mine, then Elisa, Wendy and Terry. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oct. Meeting

 Dolores' entry-As a child her neighborhood would burn its own trash, as a child she witnessed some mannequins being burned and she thought they were real people!
 Terry feared "Mrs. Green!"  The wind would blow a wall calendar and she thought it was Mrs. Green.
 Terry would like to live in Colorado.
 Gail feared her mother telling her "Wait till your father gets home!"
 Gail would want to live by the ocean.
I love New York!

We had our meeting last night at Stephanie's house and we had a great time.   The sketchbook entries were " A favorite place" and "Something that scared me as a child". 
Thanks to Stephanie for being such a great hostess, those that attended were:Katie, Claudia, Dolores, Milly, Canide, Gail, Ana,Terry and me! 
Next month's sketchbook will be revealed soon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Katie's beautiful piece.

Ana's hybrid

Dolore's dictionary word was enclose.

Dolore's hybrid

Gail's dictionary word was repetition

Terry's hybrid shows her new school pride.

My hybrid

My dictionary word was nostril.

For this month's entries we were suppose to put two favorite animals together.  The other entry we randomly chose a word from the dictionary.  Thank you to all the ladies that attended.  We missed those that could not make it.
Next month's sketchbook entries are:
1. Do an entry of something that scared you as a child (like the boogie man).
2.  Do an entry of a city/town you would like to live in.
Unfortunately this picture was taken after Beverly and Jane had left.
Love your company ladies.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day of the Dead

Stephanie's beautiful miniature paintings

This one is mine, made out of papier-mache

                                                        Ana's, also inspired by Frida

I love Stephanie's batik paintings

Lourdes' paintings are inspired by the tragedies that are happening across the border

Stephanie's batik

A nice dinner with friends after the difficult job of setting up :)

The rest of the work will be hung later in the week.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Carol offered us a workshop at her art studio.  I loved her studio and her work is amazing.  We had a great time, thanks Carol.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The theme for this swap was something that reminds you of summer.  The one above is by Dolores and was received by Ana.

The one above is by Ana and was received by Claudia. 

The one above is by Gail, this piece reminds me of my youth.  It was received by Dolores.

This piece was created by Claudia and received by Gail.

Next month's sketchbook entries are:
Two favorite animals combined together.
The other is a word chosen in random from a dictionary.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The roosters and hens came out terrific, it is amazing how many different interpretations were created from similar molds.  Congratulations on a job well done.  Thank you, Dolores, for taking the time to create our molds. 
Sorry for the dark pictures, I didn't have flash on my camera.
Thank you, Gail, for hosting our meeting.  The food was delicious and the hospitality was great. 
We will be having a swap next meeting, you will create an 11" x 14", 2D piece of art depicting what makes a perfect summer day.  Any medium.


Cindy's hen.  She included lighting inside of  her hen and created a wire nest.

Claudia's rendition.  Beautiful blues and greens.

Candie's rooster has several variations of greens and teals.

Elisa's rooster, it looks as if it is in motion.

Virginia cut into her hen and added beautiful violets and pinks.

Stephanie's hen was a hybrid of a hen and a baby.   She used the hen's head as a bonnet.  Love it!

Ana glazed her hen, then added glass mosaic.

Gail's hen was a rich, deep blue.

Milly's rooster is very colorful and regal looking.

Dolores also created a hybrid with her hen by combining a pig's head with her hen's body.  She then carved into the glaze prior to firing.  Beautiful.

I can't help but smile at Lourdes' rooster.  I love the sombrero.  She also added false eye lashes to her rooster.

I also created a hybrid by combining a doll's head on top of my hen's body.  The whole piece is covered with tissue paper.

mmmmm, the food was delicious!